All pets must be healthy and free of any contagious illnesses or fleas and ticks.

If your pet is exhibiting any symptoms that may suggest illness we suggest you board with a veterinarian so that your pet can be treated and monitored.

We will be happy to refer ill pets to local veterinarians that offer boarding.

All Pets Must Have Current And Up To Date Vaccinations ADMINISTERED BY A VETERINARIAN


Rabies (Annual Vaccine)

DHLP-PC (Annual Vaccine)

Bordetella (Received Within the Last Six Months)


Rabies (Annual Vaccine)

FeLV (Annual Vaccine)

FVRCP (Annual Vaccine)

All pets should be current on an active flea and tick preventative such as Frontline, Comfortis or Advantage.


We strongly encourage you to bring your pet's own food from home to maintain their regular diet.

There will be no additional charge if you provide your pet's own food.

We serve a delicious and nutritious vet formulated food in house.

(Either Canidae All Life Stages or Natural Balance Ultra)

There will be a $3 charge per night if we use our pet food.